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[special_heading subtitle=”Established in 2010, Stalworth Consulting Group, LLC, also referred to as SCG, is a leading management and strategy consulting firm offering advisory capabilities that help organisations effect meaningful change through emerging technologies. We focus on technology project management, digital strategy and inclusive financial services.

Based in Uganda with associates located in Accra and Johannesburg, SCG has successfully completed over 132 engagements for public sector, social and private sector clients.

SCG is an independent contractor for Deloitte & Touche supporting Technology Advisory Services line of business and the clientele in sub-Saharan Africa.” text_align=”center” title=”Welcome to SCG” color=”dark” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”20″]

[special_heading subtitle=”We leverage on conducting due diligence, digital strategy, business modeling and planning by providing high-level strategic, policy and investment advice to key institutions and corporations. We provide the local content across sectors and business functions to develop new technologies.” text_align=”center” title=”What we do” color=”white” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”20″]
[special_heading title=”OUR SERVICES” color=”dark” animated=”yes” subtitle=”SCG offers services in the following areas:” margin_bottom=”20″][services_carousel posts_nr=”9″][special_heading title=”The Team” color=”dark” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”5″ subtitle=”The team is led by Patrick O. Adengo, an accomplished technology and inclusive digital finance specialist and an expert on digital strategy and project management. He helps organisations turn technology ideas by leveraging on conducting due diligence, digital strategy, business modeling and planning for all phases of the project’s life cycle.

After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Leeds, UK and the University of Nottingham, UK respectively, Patrick worked with Airtel, LM Ericsson International and Huawei Technologies scaling new products alongside global financial and data clearing houses. He is the technology advisor to the World Bank Group, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Afrotech emerging technologies at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.”]

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[special_heading title=”WE’RE ON A MISSION” color=”dark” animated=”yes” subtitle=”“To yield distinctive and substantial improvements to our clients technology performance; exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct, and be the next generations’ preferred technology advisory firm”” margin_bottom=”0″]

A team of makers, thinkers and doers that sees every project and emerging technology as an opportunity to produce our best work in creating innovations for the next generation in Africa.

We use our industry experience in due diligence, data analytics, product development, planning and the local content across sectors to develop new technologies for the next 100 years in Africa.

Those we believe in, who believe in us — from the local grassroots, new product developments to emerging technologies and start-ups to create innovations for the next generation.

About our Clients.

Our clients come to us with some of the most complex problems, seeking solutions where the obvious ones have failed. We supply new ideas, drawing from a sound base of knowledge that cuts across sectors and geographies.

About SCG.

Our platform provides high-level strategic, policy and project advice to the leadership of key institutions, corporations and governments that are shaping emerging technologies in Africa. We focus on emerging and developing markets. We offer organizations the opportunity to apply local skills to global challenges within an entrepreneurial environment.

[special_heading title=”Contact Us” color=”dark” animated=”yes” subtitle=”We are here to answer any questions you may have about Stalworth Consulting Group, LLC.
We commit to a culture of trust, reliability and to be outstanding in our service to clients.

Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.” margin_bottom=”30″]

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T: +256 414 220879 | E: INFO@SCG.UG

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